Mistakes Job-Seekers Do When Applying For a Job


Job seekers might sometimes get frustrated for not getting noticed in many job opportunities relevant to their resumes. Some job seekers suffers from losing good job opportunities despite that they actually possess a great work experience and a skill set , it confuses them and  could possibly make them feel frustrated and lose total hope of getting a good job anytime soon .

Some job-seekers would have an idea that the reason of them not being noticed is because some cardinal mistakes done by job-seekers actually leads to direct dismissal by recruiters.

What are the most killer mistakes job seekers must avoid in 2019?

Here are the most cardinal mistakes job-seekers must avoid:

  1. Not following the clear instructions.

Instructions were not written for fun or just to fill in empty paper spaces. Recruiters specifies some instruction which suits them and suits their busy work schedule , so the least you can do it to  adhere to it . It’s not only about finding the right person at the right time, but also underlines willingness to respect the instructions. When you respect and adhere to the specified instructions, it gives an indication that you are a person who respects the instructions and pays good attention to details.

  • Instructions are important. You can check the job opportunities websites like Joblang, it clearly posts the important instructions they need the job-seeker to follow.
  1. Incomplete Application.

As most recruiters confessed before, they wouldn’t spend more than 6o seconds looking and reading a resume. Most recruiters around wouldn’t waste time in readying incomplete applications. You have to provide all relevant details. Recruiters sometimes are swamped by hundreds or resumes on daily basis, they won’t work on guessing the missing information on the application; they will simply put it away!

  • You can check Joblang and see some guidelines for each job offer application filling regulations. Randomly choose more than one job that matches your criteria and see each job specific guidelines. 
  1. Do not Apply your Resume in a Hurry!

Sometimes, job seekers would mix up things because they want to be the first to apply. Job-seekers need to know that recruiter’s policy does not include accepting the first applying candidates; it’s not a first-come-first serve basis. Job seeker must never rush when they’re applying their resumes; make sure you double check the application before submitting. Job-seekers should also pay attention to the posted details on the job board as well as re-reading the cover letter before sending it.

  • If you’re by nature a person known for always rushing things out, you can as a friend for help by double checking your application before sending it to any recruiter. Your resume is the first impression make about you, so make sure you make a good one!
  • After double checking your resume, make sure you only submit your resume to the authorized secure online job websites like LinkedIn and
  1. You must get Generic.

All online job portals like offers you the option of directly apply for a job by just one simple click “apply now “. Some recruiters wouldn’t actually prefer following this procedure, they prefer avoiding it. The best to actually prefer that job seekers would first preview and edit your application to every job offer submitted. Recruiter likes to see personalized applications sent just for them. The worst mistake a job-seeker would do is to send the same resume application and cover letter to a huge number of recruiters. It could actually lead to showing a picture of desperation and lackadaisical attitude.

  • When you visit online job websites like, you will find the “apply now “button, but you will also find preview or some websites would actually provide you with the company’s recruiter email. If they do so, be sure you present out the best in you by writing a great catchy cover letter and adjust your resume the way that perfectly suits the job position you’re applying on.
  1. Job-seekers might not follow up.

Most of job-seekers wouldn’t have the idea or their right to follow-up with their application process. the right procedure which needs to be taken is that after you send your resume, you wait for 10 working days, if you don’t receive any notice about your resume during this period, you should send a follow-up email to the recruiters in order for them to remember re-reading your resume or maybe to just remind them in making an interview appointment with you. Some job-seekers thinks that it’s not considered a professional action to follow up with recruiters, but that’s a big blunder, following up with your recruiter means that you’re excited to start working and eager to invest your qualifications in their company.

  • Job-seekers must differentiate between following up and being a big source of disturbance, which means that you shouldn’t call or send recruiters every other day, follow up politely by showing respectful interest in the job position you’re inquiring about.
  • You can visit famous job vacancies portals like , it’s an easy online job websites which writes down the recruiters e-mail besides allowing the job-seeker to apply immediately  by only clicking on the “ apply now “ button .

Job blunders are not always made intentionally. Some job-seekers wouldn’t have enough experience in recruiter’s policies; they would know the basic mistakes they must avoid but not extra important information like following up for example. They would only know the basic mistakes like not lying in a resume, boring resume and a real dull cover letter. Such information are extremely useful, it actually helps both job-seekers and recruiters, by reducing the wasted time and effort in such blunders made unintentionally by job-seekers. I would personally advise all job-seekers whether they’re fresh graduates looking for a job or either experienced job seekers to both read article about what extra steps would boost up their applications and get them noticed in a nice catchy way. Every factor and field requires a special different way of preferable lines and even some special words which might make you extremely noticeable. 

About the author:

Aya Silawi, an employee in JobLang Company. Holding a position of a content writer in She offers essays assistance to a wide range of clients both locally and internationally. Visit their blog  to learn more.

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