Are You Failing To Retain Your Employees? Follow These Steps To Turn Things Around


If you go about asking the best businessmen the question that what is the best asset that a company has, a considerable majority of them will tell you this: The employees. The employees of a company are very important for its growth and performance. They are the ones who carry the company’s name on their shoulders; and if these shoulders are strong you can rest assured that your company will have an added advantage over the others. So, hiring and retaining the right candidates is very important; one great idea for doing that is investing in human resources marketing.

Once you hire the right candidates, you have to concentrate on retaining these them. Here are some effective tactics that will help you in retaining your employees.

  • Hire with care: This is important; when you are interviewing a person for the job you must make it a point to ask all the questions that are important. You must try to understand what their expectations from the job is, and see if your company will be able to fulfil it or not. A candidate’s previous work experience will tell you a lot of the things that you wish to know; look for consistent candidates.
  • Train your managers: It is a very well established fact that people don’t quit their jobs they quit their managers. You have to understand and acknowledge this. You should make sure that the managers of your company are able to make the employees work and still be considerate towards them and their problems. A manager should be approachable and understanding. If your managers lead by example, the employee retaining capability of your company will increase with certainty.

  • Work environment: The kind of work environment that your company provides to the employees is very important as it  has an impact on their productivity. The work environment should be conducive and a healthy mix of formal and informal. Yes it is true that the employees need to work but it is necessary that they have moments to lighten up from time to time.

  • Recognition: Employees don’t see any reason to stay if their effort and hard work is not being recognized. When efforts go unrecognized it creates a lot of restlessness and a sense of dissatisfaction in the employees. So, you have to make it a point to recognize and reward them.

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