What is the Best Mode to Repair Micro-annulus Leaks?


Sustained casing pressure has been a serious problem that has been deemed prevalent in a majority of oil-producing regions across the world. Annular pressure could be a considerable safety hazard resulting in blowouts. Sustained casing pressure would result from the fluids migrating in the annulus.

A common path for migration of fluids would be through various channels present in the annular cement. In case, you were looking for safe and economic elimination of sustainable casing pressure on a well, it would be in your best interest to make the most of injectable pressure-activated sealant technology for sealing of channels in the annular cement of the well.

CannSeal is a new and proven solution for repairing micro-annulus. It would not be wrong to suggest that migrating of fluids through the annuli of wellbores could result in a condition popularly known as sustained casing pressure or SCP. It would be the pressure rebuilding in the annulus after being bled down.

You should rest assured that with the passage of time, the integrity of all wellbores tends to deteriorate. Fissures and cracks would develop in the annular cement because of numerous aspects pertaining to thermal stress, cement composition, compaction, hydraulic stress, downhole environment, and wellbore tubular.

A considerable cause of sustained casing pressure in the outer casing strings has been a poor cement bond that would result in the overall development of the cracks along with annular channels. The micro annulus channels and cracks through the cement would cater a path for high-pressure fluids. These fluids would be able to migrate from deeper strata to relatively low-pressure strata or it may move to the surface.

In case, it would be left uncontrolled, sustained chasing pressure would pose a significant and ongoing safety hazard. The result would be instant and serious damage or harm to human life, coastal environment, and marine life. It would also pose a considerable threat to the property. The high-pressure fluids flowing considerably to the low-pressure strata would result in an underground blowout. The high-pressure fluids flowing to the surface would result in casing pressure that would be difficult to reduce. The high-pressure at the wellhead would prove to be detrimental to the integrity of the wellbore.

It would not be wrong to suggest that SCP has been a significant problem for the oil and gas industry. You would be surprised to know that a considerable number of wells have been affected by the problem of sustained casing pressure.

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