What Are The Differences Between RSC Box And Die Cut Cardboard Box


Be it a fragile or a tough product, selection of the right type of packaging is extremely important. “Die Cut Cardboard Boxes” and “RSC Boxes” are the two types of popularly used packaging ideas prevalent in businesses these days. In order to make the right selection, it is important to learn about their features, area of application and differences.

About an RSC Corrugated Box

The full form of “RSC” is “regular slotted container.” The structure of the box comprises of 4 flaps that fold over one another, and meet at the center. The box is then locked using a tape. Most of the times these boxes have an additional padding to prevent the products from sliding inside.

Printed RSC Boxes

RSC boxes are a bit affordable as compared to other kinds of boxes. This is because these boxes need less cardboard to form and they also do not require excessive tooling. One can easily assemble these boxes but need more tape to ensure they are completely closed.

Belley is the best place to seek assistance for all of your packaging and shipping needs. Box packaging by Belley helps in deciding the best design for packaging of your product. Their variety of corrugated boxes have customized size to fit the product properly.

About Die Cut Box

A die cut box is more customized in shape as well as design. It is a fabulous option as it allows you to be more creative. Compared to RSC boxes, it is more affordable. These boxes also provide extra padding for products, as its walls create double paneling.

A die cut box works well for fragile items. It is best suited for firms whose products ship internationally and are mostly concerned about the duration of the shipping procedure and the possible damage on the packaging.

Factors to consider to choose the best design

Selection of a die cut box depends on several factors such as:

  • Nature of shipping: fragile, light, or heavy
  • Shipping location
  • Shipping mode for example UPS overnight, FedEx ground, or USPS
  • Does it need void fill?
  • Does your company wish to brand and make the box customized by printing it?
  • What is the shipping volume? If it is large, then customized packaging is easy to justify. If it is small, then you require to focus on available stock sizes.


Both RSC and die cut boxes have their own merits and demerits when it comes to packing and shipping products to different locations. Understanding about your business’ shipping requirements will help you arrive at the right decision.

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