Refer to this Handy Guide when Choosing an Ideal Load Cell Company to Work With


Always remember that the load cell industry is no different than any other type of industry. The gist is to work with the best vendor in the market. Selecting the ideal load company can be overwhelming. There are many companies available, and each one is different than the other.

  1. Begin with the due diligence

So, always do the due diligence and note that not every company having a catchy name is good. Check who they are and what they do, do some background check on its employees, seek reviews, company history, case studies and testimonials. Also, check if they provide 24/7 technical support.

  1. Prepare a list of leads and choose the best among them

Then after you have chosen a supplier, get on call with them. Always talk to a sales technician, they may ask you for a part number or what the application entails. If the earliest questions are nowhere related to what is the application, then you may need to move to the next lead you have on your list. Many companies deal with parts and not the ultimate solution. There are many customers that inquire for model 1234 load cell, but after the questions are being asked, and when their applications are learned, their first choice doesn’t work the way they expect it to. Hence, you always need to deal with the one who has proper expertise to guide you through the load cell and instrumentation selection process.

  1. Selecting a load cell manufacturer or a load cell supplier

This decision is made on the basis of a few factors. If you are seeking a single load cell for one off application, then you can choose either. If you are seeking a supplier for long term and for multiple projects, then go for a supplier. This is because load cell systems supplier are flexible enough to offer you many products from various manufacturers. For instance, load cell manufacturer A has the best web pancake loads, costly, but worth an investment. Company A has other parts as well but they are of an average quality and not competitive like others. Company B has an amazing collection of load cell electronics but their load cell offering is always minimal. A load cell supplier like Load Cell Systems have the ability to choose the best products for you from a range of manufacturers to offer you a better and a more cost effective load cell solution.

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