Understanding the Importance of Fire Doors and their Need

Understanding the Importance of Fire Doors and their Need

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People using or occupying any building would be expecting safety in event of fire breaking out in the building. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. Something might fail within the fabric of the building or for that matter with the fire safety devices installed, whereby tragedy could occur resulting in serious damage to property and loss of life.

Fire doors have been an important aspect of the passive fire protection system of the building. It would be an essential requisite for factories, offices and public buildings.

They would also be requisite in specific kinds of domestic situations, based on the local regulations of the nation. It would be inclusive of:

  • Regulations pertaining to flats
  • Dwellings having second floor habitable rooms, and
  • Situations where door leads to internal garage

Purpose of fire door

The simple purpose of fire door in everyday usage would be similar to any other door. However, since a breakout of fire has never been predictable, the fire door, which would be unlike any other door, should be performing the sole purpose for its installation – protecting the lives and offering protection to remainder of building along with other nearby buildings.

How would you know you require a fire door?

Fire doors have primarily been used in commercial buildings. It would be inclusive of hotels and offices. Nonetheless, it would also be mandatory in most domestic homes, based on the building regulations of specific nation. Therefore, you would be required to check your specific kinds of building regulations. A majority of fire doors would be fitted internally. However, in specific situations, they would be required for external usage as well. A good example would be sheltered passageways. The regulations have been made available for stipulating the legal requisites for fire safety.

Different styles of fire doors to choose from

Several doors have been made available as fire doors. Therefore, you would be spoilt for choice of designs inclusive of several finishes and glazing options. It would be pertinent to mention here that fire doors would be commonly sold as complete set inclusive of the frame. It would also include the necessary ironmongery that would be holding the door in place in event of fire breaking out. It would often be safer solution, as the door set should have been tested to make sure all the requisite elements have been compatible.

It would be pertinent to mention here that fire doors are life saving products and should be installed with utmost precision and care.

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