Understanding the Benefits of an Application Tracking System


You keep hearing about the benefits of using an application tracking system. You’ve read that up to 75% of companies are making use of them right now. And your company does do more than its fair share of hiring. But what you don’t really know is exactly what real benefits can be gained from making use of one, so the decision whether or not to invest in one is still very much up in the air for your business.

Here, to help you in your decision is a look at some of the biggest benefits that making use of an application tracking system has to offer almost any business and just why you should be seriously considering making use of one for your business.

It helps manage and improve every part of the recruitment process

An ATS touches every piece of the recruiting cycle from posting jobs, advertising job

listings, reviewing candidates, and scheduling interviews to making job offers and onboarding new hires. Using such a system makes recruiting an efficient, repeatable process that helps your company grow.

It helps you find quality candidates, leading to better retention

An application tracking system will help you find great employees faster by making it easier for you to screen and follow up with candidates, keep track of your activities, collaborate with hiring managers, and review your top choices. The better the match, the longer new-hires tend to stay, which boosts your employee retention rate.

It helps to ensure compliance, reducing your audit risk

An applicant tracking system has compliance functionality built-in so that your company is automatically protected. The many hiring rules and regulations that a company must keep with can be very confusing and easy to overlook, so an applicant tracking system helps ensure that compliance is maintained at all times. Given the cost – and the damage to a brand’s reputation – hiring guideline violations can result in this is a feature that is almost priceless.

It improves your hiring brand, improving your candidate pipeline

Among its many other features, an ATS can help you create a branded careers page, an easy application process, and perform timely and efficient follow-up with candidates that will make you, as a company look good in the long run. This also helps establish your business as a brand, something that is particularly beneficial to smaller companies that are in those all-important growth stages.

Job applicants today use services like Glassdoor to check company reviews on everything from company culture to the interview process, so your hiring brand is every bit as important to the success of your business as the products and services you sell. If you are hoping to attract the very best talent available then this will give you an advantage over other companies in your niche trying to do exactly the same thing.

It will save you time and money. Enough said

Aside from elevating your hiring brand, an application tracking system will also help save you time and money. For starters, it eliminates time wasted on manual recruiting tasks and allows you to take on more strategic hiring initiatives that contribute to the

bottom line of the company. Additionally, an ATS allows you to post jobs with one click to multiple job boards and leverage your employee referral network.

An Applicant Tracking System will also allow you to take advantage of discounted sponsored job listings and lower your spend on staffing agencies and recruiters. All of this adds up to significant cost savings, potentially very significant cost savings, and that is something that it’s rather hard for any business to ignore.

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