The Top 5 Performing SEO Strategies in 2023


If you run a small business and things aren’t quite as you would like them to be, in terms of the amount of trade you are doing, it is likely you have no marketing plan and this is something you need to remedy ASAP!

Here are the top 5 performing SEO strategies that employers are using in 2023.

  1. Social media marketing – Talk to the best digital marketing Central Coast has to offer and they have a winning team of Facebook marketing experts who can put your business on the map. Do you know of anyone who does not have a Facebook account? Neither do we! Once you hand over your social media accounts to a team of marketers, they create high-quality content and post daily, which generates a large social media following; placing ads in all the right locations generates organic traffic.
  2. Search engine optimisation – Literally millions of consumers use search engines to find products and services and if your site is not ranked in the first few pages, it is unlikely you will see any traffic. Hire an SEO agency to work on your online content and over a period, they can put you on page 1 of search results, which is where every business wants to be. The first thing to do is carry out some keyword research to determine the top search terms that consumers use when searching for your product, then you can target these phrases in your content.
  3. Link-building – The web is all about links; talk to a Central Coast digital marketing agency about putting out 30-50 blogs on the Internet, each containing links to your landing page. There are many types of web links and your local SEO agency is more than capable of building solid links that Google recognises. Broken links can lead to Google penalisation and that’s not something you want.
  4. Pay per click advertising (PPC) – One of the top strategies in 2023, PPC works on the basis of the advertiser paying an agreed amount to the publisher per click. If you commission an SEO agency to manage your PPC campaign, you will probably be happy with the outcome. Many clients run an ongoing PPC and they wouldn’t do that unless they were getting the desired traffic.
  5. Website development – At the end of the day, your website says a lot about your organisation and with pro content writers handling the copy and a team of web designers, your business platform can be transformed into something special. A company website is never ‘finished’, rather it is a work in progress, with new content and layout keeping users engaged. When you approach a digital marketing agency, they automatically review and assess the client’s online presence and would make proposals for web changes.

If you would like to explore the potential that digital marketing offers, search online for a Central Coast SEO agency and see what the experts can do for your business. They will carry out a free digital audit and this enables them to put together an effective digital marketing plan to drive traffic to your platform.

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