The Art of Crafting a Cardboard Box


It’s not the first thing you think of when someone says “art,” but cardboard boxes can be very artistic. However, the way they’re made, what goes inside them, and how they are decorated is really up to the person who creates them. In this blog post, we’ll talk about all things related to crafting a cardboard box.

The steps in the making

  1. Deciding what you want to create

First, start with a vision. You have so many possibilities from simple shapes and designs to detailed drawings. Next, think about the person receiving your item as well depending on their age or interests, they may prefer something more simplistic over an intricate box that takes longer to make.

  1. Make your design

There are many ways you can go about making your design. You could draw it on paper or trace its outline using a freehand technique (much like how an artist would paint). If drawing isn’t really for you, there’s also the option of creating something with computer software. A just-in-time cardboard box is easy to make, and you can even get creative by making it more than just a box.

  1. Cut out your design

Once you’ve finished your design, it’s time to cut. Carefully go over the lines of each shape with an x-acto knife. If you’re using more than one piece of cardboard (for instance, for a lid or floor), remember that they need to be either glued together or attached with some fastener like plastic snaps.

  1. Glue or attach your design to the cardboard

If you haven’t glued it already, now’s the time. A simple glue stick would work just fine. If attaching something like plastic snaps, make sure they line up with each other and go over where they need to be attached twice for a good seal. When gluing small pieces of paper on top of each other (like letters), try using some spray adhesive that will dry quickly and hold everything together better than regular craft glue.

  1. Decorate your box

This is where you get to show off your creativity. You can decorate the outside and inside, or just one side depending on its purpose. Try using paint and stickers for a simple design, all the way to fabric and sparkles if it will be used as a purse or jewelry holder.


That’s all there is to creating this beautiful art form, happy crafting. So the next time you want something unique but don’t know what craft project would interest you, try making a cardboard box instead.

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