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Customer Relationship Management software handles a lot of your workload for sales and business. A CRM solution opens up remarkable opportunities for large enterprises and small businesses to thrive. Businesses require to expertly manage existing customers and prospects with great care. A CRM platform that has the right feature is very important part of that strategy. When it comes to selecting a CRM software, you need to learn about the features made available by them and the definite CRM functionality your organization and team requires.

Classification of CRM features

CRM features are broken down into four groups:

  • Core functionality: This type of functionality comprises of features such as contact management, task management, calendar/reminders and basic reporting.
  • Enterprise functionality
  • Standard functionality: It is the type of functionality that provides more value that helps in increasing the revenue of your business. Some of these features include interaction tracking, document storage, email integration, pipeline view, social media integration, mobile access, custom reporting, quotes management and marketing automation integration.

  • Niche functionality

CRM Features

Interaction Tracking

This feature in automotive CRM software logs all types of communication that happen between you and your business customers. It helps people by providing them access to the same information and thereby lessens customer frustration. By having information in one spot makes it easy to postpone work to others working on the same team and lower time on each task. It also assists in aiding interdepartmental collaboration and collaborative selling.

Email marketing

This type of marketing increase ROI by two times as compared to the other sales processes such as cold calling, trade shows or networking. It allows users to logs emails that are sent from the CRM system and relieve them from cumbersome note-taking.

Document storage

This feature keeps all sales documents at one place so that all users can have easy access and search. It helps in replacing a computer drive and a cloud drive.

Mobile Access

Sales role is mobile intensive as compared to others. Having mobile compatibility is very important. It provides more flexibility to access customers and greatly improve customer satisfaction and sales revenue in a business.

Social media integration

CRM social media integrations enable its users to post pertinent updates and also interact with customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other types of social media platforms.


These are the list of important CRM features that a business seeks. Above is the compilation of several different features that are offered by top CRM platforms. You must perform some research and learn about implementing the ones that define your business needs.

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