Some Insider Tips To Grow Your Cleaning Business?


A cleaning company offers the same service as another cleaning company, if this is assumed, it is not true. There are many cleaning companies and it is based on the trained and untrained staff that considers or takes care of your office areas. A clean office dictates the safety, happiness and health of your employees.

Focusing on small business owners is also a recommended tip if you are beginning your office cleaning Melbourne. There is no need to concentrate only on the large chain commercial offices, shopping complexes, and restaurants.  This is because the large chains may be under bonded contracts or partnerships with established and professional cleaning services. On the other hand, the smaller companies may be looking for great cleaning services that can be hired as a full time employee. Initially these jobs that are small will form the core clients.

How to promote your cleaning business

Commercial cleaning businesses are initiated organically. There are simple ways of initiating a cleaning business and finding the suitable prospects. Get referrals from others slowly and expand with time. You can also consider few hospitals, restaurants, shopping complexes and hire a mailing list broker to keep following and promoting your cleaning business.

You can follow up with a phone call and provide the required cleaning services. Do try using email marketing.

How customers keep coming back

There is a need to differentiate you through specialization. You may put yourself in a unique position by offering value-added services to office cleaning Melbourne.  This can include cleaning services before or after the holidays and also during special events.

You may also attract your customers by offering cleaning services as special packages with discounts to first time customers. Hold contests and run promotions, so that customers get a chance to win discounted cleaning services or even free cleaning services. There is no harm in offering discounted or free cleaning services as it will promote your business. Offering a loyalty program will bring more customers from your existing customers.

You can enhance this offer by giving your long time and existing customers some cleaning services as exceptional service for referral business. Finally, you can make it the exceptional cleaning service as a part of your cleaning package and include the cost.

Building or developing a team is essential. Hire a small crew for cleaning and expand with the growth of your business. You may start hiring two and enjoy having 100 employees.

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