Should Your Sales Department Be Using Webinars?


It’s 2018 and the trends of content marketing are now tougher to nail down as they have previously been before. With the audience getting overcrowded and busier and the online world becoming extremely saturated, it is almost impossible to figure out what content is going to sell and what is just going to never see the light of people’s browsers. Without an appropriate context of your content funnel and a fine tuned process, it will be difficult to generate solid leads consistently, and therefore your time to create this content, is often not being used to its optimum.

As we all now, business use webinars to offer their clients more insight into their operations and educate their customers. According to a study done by, 73% of marketing and sales leaders vouch for webinars is the leading way to generate sales for business.

The concept of a webinar makes logical sense for high conversions. They are informal enough, but plenty detailed and create a really nice balance of business-prospect relationship.

Getting people to sign up to webinars is a challenge in itself, you are basically marketing your webinar to then therefore market your business – but I guess it is the same with all materials, they need to be distributed and visible.

But your webinars can build momentum within a community if they are professional, quality, entertaining, different and engaging. You can design it how you want it to be, with different levels of interaction from this involved and also consider the variable audience sizes for participation.

With a lot of platforms and tools to choose from, it is a chance to expose yourself a bit and encourage a Question and Answer session, with no hiding places. Allow prospects to dig into your business and when you provide answers with confidence, then the impact is unbeatable.

Here’s some reasons why webinars help improve your sales and are an integral part of every step of the sales funnel:

  1. Long Term Engagement

Webinars are a great way of keeping your audience interested for a longer period of time. They keep the audience’s focus as they feel more present in the moment and try not to miss out on important information as compared to consuming information through written material at their own pace.

  1. Generating Sales Leads

Webinars most certainly are a great way of generating and getting data on serious leads, ready to convert. Only people who are actually interested in utilizing your business’s services will sign up for a webinar. That is largely because it is a more serious commitment than downloading a pdf that sits on their device and never gets opened or an alternative form of low maintenance interest. With each participant that registers for your webinar, you gain information to not only a new lead- but also insight into prospects within that industry.

  1. Global Audience

Webinars are also a great way to increase your online presence and reach a global audience, no matter where your company is based off. Through internet, you can effectively deliver information to people anywhere and in any time zone.

  1. Build Brand Trust

It is an opportunity to build trust in your brand. By offering free and valuable information to your audience, you solidify your brand’s presence in their mind as an entity that cares about its customers and not only about its sales. People are more likely to convert into successful sales if they feel connected to the brand.

  1. Base Your Content Strategy

Webinars help you generate leads and understand your prospects in a more engaging and detailed way. This is turn can be beneficial for your team to base their future content strategy and email outreach programs on. Not only will this be targeted based on authentic information provided by the attendees of the webinar as compared to persona-based assumptions, but will also already have a list of people to be delivered to.

Webinars are a great way to generate serious leads, increase your sales and improve your overall sales funnel. They are also helpful in delivering important information about your brand in order to get the customers to make the most out of your services and improve customer satisfaction. If this is something that you are yet to try for your brand, we highly suggest you start working on it now.

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