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As an entrepreneur, customer support should be one of your key concerns. While customer support representatives and call center services are still relevant, many companies in Singapore are now opting to invest in chatbots. The market share for chatbot Singapore to expected to touch $9.4 billion by 2024, and the government here has been harnessing the power of AI since long, which is also the idea behind chatbots.

Reviewing the benefits

There are many reasons to invest in chatbots. Firstly, you can get genuine leads and improve customer engagement considerably, and that too, for a lot less money. Contrary to what some businesses believe, chatbots don’t have to be expensive at all, and while there is an upfront investment involved, the returns are assured. The data and feedback gathered by chatbots are much easier to process, and you can also ensure that your consumers are connected to the business all 24 hours of the day.

Will chatbots replace customer support teams entirely?

Not right away, but there is potential, considering how fast AI has been developing. For now, chatbots is a great way to get competitive edge for your business and take customer care and engagement to the next level.

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