Reasons Why You Need to Use Bolted Tanks For storage


Storage tanks are usually very important and always does more than just storing water as many people might think. They are always used in different industries including the processing and manufacturing plants, fire services, ranch or agricultural firms, water treatment facilities and also by the municipal for their water distribution systems among others.

They are however not limited to liquid storage alone, they can also be used to store other things such as food products, sand, drilling mud among other things.

Anyway, for them to be quite effective in terms of the costs and reliability, they need to have fast and easy installation process and they also need to be durable enough in order to serve for a long period of time without any problems.

Welded and concrete tanks are always quite durable but are much expensive and also difficult to install and maintain. Another option is using the bolted tanks and below are a few reasons why they are considered to be a good option.

  • They are available in many sizes

These tanks are always available in many different sizes or capacities up to over a million gallons. They can always be customized to fit your desired wants with varying measurements among other characteristics.

For those areas with limited space, you can always have tall and narrow bolted tanks and wider tanks when you have a larger space or where you have a limited vertical space. With these tanks, you will always have limitless options and therefore allowing you to have great flexibility to suit your needs.

  • Quite durable

Well, bolted water tanks are usually made using galvanized steel, stainless steel or carbon that are of high quality and has met all the applicable API and ASTM requirements.

The tank sections made of carbon steel are usually coated with a durable epoxy powder finish that is resistant to corrosion and other electrochemical reactions and therefore provides a greater coverage compared to the finishes applied on the field when building the welded tanks.

Bolted tanks are also made using the right gasket material for whatever the tank is going to hold such us the Buna-N gaskets and EDPM rubber along with some fasteners all made from carbon, stainless or galvanized steel. This makes the tank much stronger and durable to serve for a long period of time.

  • Easy to maintain and repair

Compared to other storage tanks, bolted tanks doesn’t always need frequent maintenance and repair. This is mainly because of their long lasting finish and the hardware used when making them.

Other tanks might need specialized people and equipment to work on them during the repair process but with bolted tanks, all you need to do is simply to disassemble the damaged part and replace it with a new section without having to cut or weld anything.

This makes the whole process to be relatively easy and fast thus reducing the maintenance cost and labor used. Learn more about bolted storage tanks here.

  • Easy installation

As we’ve learned before, other storage tanks like the welded or concrete tanks are usually built and installed on site. This usually requires a lot of time and also a lot of skilled personnel to complete the job.

Also, the whole process can usually be affected with things like the weather conditions and therefore bringing some delays when it comes to the job completion. On the other hand, the manufacturing of the bolted tanks can always be done off-site and then transported onsite for the assembling and installation.

This is usually done a lot faster and is also much more efficient as it requires less amount of time, minimal costs and labor. This doesn’t get affected with no weather conditions hence you won’t have to worry about any down time.

  • Cost effective

If you look at the complete life cycle of both the field welded tanks and the concrete tanks, you will find out that they do cost a lot when it comes to the installation, repair and maintaining them.

When you choose to use bolted storage tanks, you can cut a lot and save on the total cost required on many different applications. This is given due to the fact that they are very easy to be installed as the process is also fast, requires minimal maintenance and are also easy to repair.

Additionally, they also have a longer lifespan and requires less labor costs too. This makes them to a lot more cost effective compared to other competitive designs.

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