Raised Computer Floor

Raised floors are a sort of floor structure that is elevated and has metal grids to support them. These floors are made to allow the running of wires, cables, electrical supplies, and even mechanical supplies underneath them. Raised computer floors are typically used in data centers such as telecommunication centers, office buildings, and even the command centers of military offices. Normally, these floors are made with allowance for a crawl space underneath. Many buildings also use it as a way to keep the building cool. In this case, the space under these floors is used as a sort of chamber in order to allow air conditioning run and dispense cool air throughout the building.

Raised computer floors can come in different sorts of materials ranging from steel to Plexiglas and even aluminum. These floors can be installed over your regular floors that are already in place, and they can also be covered just like any other floor. In regulation with safety guidelines, the installation of these floors should come with a fire protection automated system as well as other fire suppression measures.

Raised computer floors are quite beneficial in environments that have a lot of computer equipment’s because it helps to easily organize all of the cables and wiring. It also helps to make sure that the entry of dust, which can cause blockage in the fan vents are at a minimum. Having raised computer floors would also help to ensure that your cooling system is maximized. This is done by sealing the cable’s points of entry. It also helps to control and even prevent the discharge of electrostatic as is common with electrical wiring. Just like overhead air cooling systems, raised floors to allow for air flow to reach every corner of a building in order to cool the building.

When trying to decide on the type of raised floor that you want to get for your environment, there are several things to put into consideration. These factors include what type of center or environment it is, the setup of the air distribution and cooling system, the requirements for the cables and wires and the load and weight abilities and capabilities.

There are 2 major types of raised computer floors, the traditional access floors, and the low profile access floors.

Traditional Access Floors

This type of raised floor is normally used in institutions and industries. They are typically heavy duty rugged floors that give you enough space for your piping, cables, and wires. They usually stand at a height of about 12″ or even more. These traditional floors usually give enough room for running of cables as well as ample flow of air. The major limitation of this type of floor, however, is the fact that it does not allow for easy access to the wires. In fact, in order to get to the wires, several panels have to be pulled off, and if too many are removed, it may cause the entire floor to lose its stability and collapse.

Low Profile Access Floors

This type of raised floor is very adequate for use in offices, stores, and libraries. They are not rugged or heavy duty like the traditional floors; however, they still possess a high strength rating. They usually stand at a height of less than 6″ and are used mainly for the purpose of passing wires and cables. The passage of airflow is typically a problem with this type of raised floor. These floors give you easy access to the wires and cables that are passed underneath it without having to remove so many panels.

For many years, the traditional access floors have been used in many facilities; however, with the low profile access floors now; there is no need to install cable raceways and trays underneath the tall floors. Low profile access floors give you the ability to better manage cable raceways. They are not only easy to access, but they are also easy to maintain and install as well.

It is important that when getting a raised computer floor installed, you also schedule regular maintenance for the floors as well. This would help to regularly clear out any accumulation of dust and wax that may have built up.

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