Important Things to Know When Selecting A Shredding Service Provider


When business documents are no longer needed, they need to be disposed. This will help in vacating storage space so that there is enough room to store new documents properly. Also, keeping old documents intact can pose security issues too. The process one adopts for dispersing unwanted business documents holds a lot of importance. Shredders assist businesses and companies to protect sensitive business information and maintain the privacy of their clients.

It is important to choose such shredding service wisely. Therefore, correct selection of a shredding service is very important in any business. With several different types of shredding service providers in the market, it can become hard to choose the most appropriate one. To help you we have come up with a few things that would help you in making the right selection.

Find the right type of shredding service

There are mainly two kinds of shredding services offered by companies. These are off-site and on-site service. Offsite shredders take bring the material to be disposal elsewhere for safe and efficient purging whereas on-site shredding service does it at the business site.

Look for certification

Go with the AAA rated company that is certified by NAID. The company should have a genuine logo. Certification implies that the firm is trained to properly purge confidential documents while safeguarding your privacy. Choose a firm that is HIPAA compliant. This is the pre-requisite for clients who look for shredding medical documents. It provides an added confidentiality protection.

Choose the one that is insured

Different types of shredding facilities offer varying insurance levels. Go for a company that is insured against identity theft to protect a business and its clients.

Look for added services

Some firms offer a lot of other services than just shredding of business data. One of those services is secured document storage. This is beneficial for firms that may require to store documents off site and require accessing them later on.


Some shredding facilities offer discounts to loyal customers for annual purges. Many companies like to perform regular eliminations of their system and scrap any documents that are unwanted for a business. You should check with the company to find out if any deals are provided to regular customers.


Not using a reliable document trusted method, can pose a greater risk to a business. It is important to perform document disposal in a secure and environmentally friendly way. Above tips will definitely help you in choosing the best document shredder service for safe disposal of your business documents.

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