How To Prevent Common Failures Of Step-Down Transformer?


Step down transformers can be very useful as in certain countries the working voltage is usually 220-240V, and various appliances that comes from USA or certain other countries are having 100 or 110V as working voltage. This is the reason why step-down transformer is needed. Input voltage of step-down transformer is at 220V, which is step down to 110V at secondary so that appliances from US or Japan can be run.

Similarly, step-up transformers are also used where input voltage is 110V, which is step up to working voltage of 220V so that your appliances can run properly in those countries where working voltage is 110 volts.

Sometimes there is a need for transformers repair as these devices may develop certain glitches. If we fail to pay much attention, then everything that surrounds it and even lives may be at stake.

Therefore, we must have a clear understanding about the things that can go wrong with any step-down transformers then it would be of great help.

Following are the few of the common transformer issues:

  • Primary winding problem.

Usually, primary winding of step-down transformer is the coil which is meant for generating magnetic field. It is having much greater number of loops as compared to secondary winding.

If this get a turn-to-turn short, then it may lead to certain interruption of current flow. Also, problems can arise if voltage output is ten percent higher than the designed capacity.

  • Secondary winding problem.

Unlike primary winding, secondary winding needs to take care that the transformer voltage output must not be greater than what it should be. If ignored, then any kind of problem can arise, if the voltage is less than the value set.

  • Open circuit.

In case circuit of step-down transformer becomes open, then you will not get any continuity in the electricity flow. Therefore, there must be break in the circuit.

All these problems of transformer must be properly addressed, particularly for high-wattage transformers. Overheating and fire can also be the possible dangers, which can be caused due to transformer failures.

If you are facing such problems in your step-down transformer then either send it for repair or immediately replace your step-down transformer. You need to know what to do, so as to for avoid more serious consequences.

You must also remember that transformer supplier always supply properly checked devices for great performance. If there are any inconsistencies in the output, then you must immediately consider proper troubleshooting or call professionals.

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