How to Choose the Right Transformer When You Are Going Overseas?

How to Choose the Right Transformer When You Are Going Overseas?

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When traveling overseas, you should know that the devices you use are being operated on 110 to 120 VACs or Volts Alternating Current. Most the world uses 220 to 240 VACs. Do not forget to convert the voltage to match with your device’s voltage needs when traveling overseas. When you fail to do that, you might pose a risk of damage to your device.

Following are the options available to you:

  1. Voltage converter

These transforms electricity from 220 to 240 volts down to 110 to 120 volts when you are traveling overseas. Or the vice versa, that is, converting 110 to 120 volts up to 220 to 240 volts during the return journey. Besides the voltage converter, you would also need a plug adapter. There are two types of voltage converters available: transformer or a solid state converter. Any device you choose would be on the basis of the equipment you are planning to install. Any motor or electronic device can be equipped with transformer type converter. Also, rather than buying a transformer, you can find an option like trouver un transformateur reconditionné for rent here.

  1. Plug adapter

They usually come equipped with the converter or offered as a separate part. They are also sold separately to use it with multi-voltage device that are meant to convert the power internally.

How to find the voltage and wattage ratings on your devices?

To ascertain the correct voltage converter you require, be acquainted with the input voltage and wattage needs of your device. The information is usually mentioned on a label, on the back or on the bottom of your device. This information is also mentioned in the specifications section of the user manual of the device. Have a look at the voltage, frequencies and the wattage mentioned for each device. The manual or label will input voltage or amperage. If only the latter is shown, multiply the input voltage by the amperage rating to determine the wattage rating.

Things to remember:

  1. The AC outlet provided in foreign washrooms are meant for low wattage devices only.
  2. To prevent the damage, consult with your host before you power a high wattage equipment from this plug.
  3. Never use a voltage converter with TVs, VCRs, and computers unless it can handle 50 Hz to 60 Hz.
  4. Never use heating appliances like irons, hair dryers etc. on a transformer based voltage converter.
  5. Never use devices like calculators, razors, audio players on a solid state voltage converter.

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