How to Choose the Right ETRM System for Current Trade Optimization and Future Growth?


Trading businesses of any size will benefit from a reliable energy trade and risk management software. The time when small businesses could not afford this software has vanished. The investment in resources necessary to handle the infrastructure due to cloud solutions usage across industries has increased. Such systems are crucial to manage risks, gain bank credits, supply chain activities, and even for regulatory compliances.

Questions to consider before when you select a CTRM or ETRM solution for your business.

  • Is the system appropriate for your kind of trading business?
  • Is vendor reliable and has expert staff?
  • Does the system have front, mid, and back office supporting features necessary to fulfill your challenges?
  • Is there sufficient training support to ensure that your front & back office staff can completely control the system?
  • Does it offer compliance to existing regulations?
  • Is reporting engine powerful, so as to offer better visibility to the staff and executives alike?
  • Will business data be secure?

Implementation cost of the CTRM solution is significant [hundreds to millions], so wrong system can possibly lead to frustration ranging from poor user engagement to unrealized benefits and failed implementations. Make sure to avoid some mistakes given below while choosing an appropriate CTRM solution.


During selection process besides current requirements consider the system’s ability to handle growing needs in future. Just concentrating on current business requirements limits life expectancy of CTRM system. Flexibility and extendibility is very vital, so as to fulfil your currently unlooked for future requirements.

Identify the differentiator

Functionalities of systems sound same, when you compare but they differ. For example, all systems handle truck and pipeline movements but logistic scenarios of company using rail & truck to transport and company using pipelines to transport differs. So first identify your unique need and understand which feature differentiates one system from the other. It will help to save your time and effort.

CTRM systems are crucial support tool that help people in an organization attain goals. In these competitive rough times managing risk within a business is top priority. Failing to manage and control the risks are expensive but correct trading & risk management system programmed in an appropriate manner will deliver optimistic impact on profits, decrease business volatility, lessen capital cost, and enhance global trading operations effectively.

Choosing right system needs guidance with farsightedness and in-depth analysis. Grab future growth opportunities as well as optimize current business trade transactions with right CTRM solution.

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