Guide 101: All About Designing And Producing Subscription Boxes!


If yours is a company that deals in subscription boxes, you should be extra cautious about the packaging. There are buyers, or other subscribers, who would subscribe and shop for boxes, simply because they are impressed with the design of the box. While it is easy to contact any box manufacturing company for placing an order, there are a few details that must be considered. In this post, we are discussing everything that companies must know before printing and ordering subscription boxes.

Start with the nature of subscription

If you are shipping fragile, breakable items, you have to be more careful with subscription boxes. In case of subscription boxes, one thing is always common – shipping. You have to send the boxes every month, often to distant places, and if the products are susceptible to damages, it would impact subscriptions and the name of your brand. Start by understanding the product needs. For example, the packaging needs for handmade jewellery would be different than a subscription box service that deals in beauty products.

Find a good manufacturer

When you don’t have the experience, expertise, and a team to design subscription boxes, the best idea is to partner with a manufacturer that you can rely on. Believe it or not, box manufacturers often handle design, graphics, conceptual needs for clients, and they can help you optimize the design, shape, and size of the box, depending on brand requirements. It comes in handy for companies that are just starting out or have no understanding of how the process of designing subscription boxes works. If you want to order in bulk to save money, the concerned manufacturer will also help with storage. Do your homework when it comes to finding subscription box manufacturers and always ask for samples to know product quality better.

Focus on the design

Today, subscription boxes are all about minimalism. People want to go for brands that offer reusable and sturdy subscription boxes, so that they can use the box as an additional product. This is an aspect to consider. As far as the design is concerned, minimalism is the key to creating a layout. Keep in mind that the products inside would have necessary information, and you can add in extra cards for information. If you don’t include a lot of printing work, the cost of each box can be minimized.

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