Four Factors to Keep in Mind When Investing in Torque Tools


In the majority of bolting applications, torque application must be done with utmost accuracy. Thus, you need to use tools that let you control the amount of torque to be applied with careful precision. Also, it is important to be able to perform the job again and again with predictability and consistency. Too little, too much or uneven torque can lead to issues you cannot afford to have. This is the reason you must pick your tools properly.

For any industrial applications, the length of success and work quality depends on the chosen tools. The right tools ensure efficiency and productivity as well as let you perform the best job.

When investing in torque tools such as a flange spreader, take the following into account:

Accuracy of Torque Application

In terms of torque tools, you need to prioritize accuracy. Some people will want to invest in cheaper tools but they will cost you more in the long run when you have to buy the same tools again and again. If you are looking to use the tools for high-volume professional jobs that require precision, invest in tools that feature accuracy and the highest precision. The best tools should let you apply torque with great accuracy and do not wear quickly.

Tool Consistency

Aside from accuracy and precision, consistency is also a requirement for high-volume professional jobs. It is imperative to determine the tools that will be accurate with every fastener on each job. Inconsistent tools will lead to project delays, safety problems, and lower-quality work. Picking tools that offer consistent accuracy are reliable.

Tool Quality

High-quality torque tools will help you achieve the level of accuracy and consistency you need from tools. These tools are made with quality materials so that they will last for the longest time possible. Also, these tools are easy to use and more efficient to work with. They will let you save time, money, and hassle. High-quality tools ensure the job gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Maintenance and Safety

Torque tools must be properly taken care of so they last longer and maintain their quality. Regularly used torque wrenches can be stored without being wound back. But, this practice must not be done for wrenches that must be stored for long periods of time. Moreover, cracked, worn out, and broken tools must be replaced to prevent accidents and maintain quality workmanship. Ensure all tools have current calibration certificates.

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