All That You Need To Know About Corrugated Boxes

All That You Need To Know About Corrugated Boxes

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If you have just entered into the business then certainly you will need suitable packaging for your new product. How much you have knowledge about various kinds of packaging?

In this small write up, we will briefly discuss corrugated boxes manufacturing and try to answer as many questions as possible about such corrugated boxes so that it can help you to make right decision to select the box.

Firstly, you must understand that cardboard box and corrugated board boxes are not exactly the same thing. You cannot use a cardboard box for heavier item and you will need much stronger boxes.

Corrugated board is a much stronger board which has 2 main components:

  • Liner
  • Medium.

Liner is flat material that can typically be found on outside surfaces of the board and medium can be found in between the liners.

Basics of corrugated boxes

After you identified that you need a corrugated box, you have to know what type of corrugated box will be suitable for you. There are many different factors which go into the making a corrugated box, and hence it is customizable.

Depending upon your need and available budget, the manufacturer can provide you right kind of box which will suit your product delivery.

You can have single-face, single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall liner in your corrugated box. Once you know your exact need then you can specify the same to your supplier.

Different styles

Having decided your type of box you must choose the style you want.

Following are few different styles having different specialties which will be suitable for your product:

  • Regular slotted container

Mostly this style is commonly used. In this type of box, all flaps will be of the same length, and couple of outer length flaps will be one-half the width of the container, so that they will meet at center of box when it is closed.

  • Full overlap container

The same style as above except both outer flaps sets fully overlap each other for covering full width of the container. Extra thickness and wider flaps on top and also bottom of the box will make it better option for your products for more protection.

  • One-piece folder

Just like its name, this one board piece is slotted and creased, so it is folded into box with flat, unbroken bottom. Such a box can be a good option for printed materials and books.

  • Full Telescope Design

These cartons consist of a separate top and also bottom which fit on each other by flaps joining on end or side panels. While pulling apart, they may create 2 slotted and scored trays, having both of flat bottoms.

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