All about using an app for Gemba walks: Things to know!


Gemba means the “real place” in Japanese. In the world of management, Gemba walk is an exercise that enables managers to have a personal look at the work process on the floor, so as to discover and decode the possible opportunities for improvement and enhancing productivity. Gemba walks are often carried several times in a day (three to five times in general), and managers are expected to be good observers and listeners. The process itself shouldn’t disturb the work flow in a factory or production unit. The purpose is to take notes, find flaws and issues at work, which must be fixed later.

The need for an app

Gemba is neither an audit nor a corrective exercise. In fact, managers are expected to be friendly and extremely cordial with workers and employees, so as to get genuine and unbiased feedback on processes. To simplify Gemba walks, managers can consider an app. You can check out Tervene website for instance. In this post, we are discussing more on why using an app for Gemba makes sense.

Why use an app for Gemba?

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that systematic management is critical for gaining the most of this management technique. Managers need to have the power and scope to control operations and aid in the improvement process, and a well-designed and developed app only makes their job easy. Apps for Gemba are meant to have management tools, and the concerned developer will offer all the assistance, so it is easy for first-line managers to get the job done. An app relies on a paperless system, so reviewing feedback and previous Gemba walks definitely get easier. The implementation itself doesn’t have to be complicated, and depending on the app you choose, you can always get features that you need, such as checklists.

Features and more

Apps for Gemba walk are designed to ensure that managers can take notes and photos on the exercise, and more importantly, they will be able to create tasks and can use the details later to take critical decisions. Gemba is a regular exercise, so using an app only simplifies and aids to the process, and features can vary, depending on what your company really needs. The pricing depends on the inclusions, but we strongly recommend that you avoid options that ask for a long-term commitment right away.

For more details on Gemba walk apps, check online now!

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