316l stainless steel pipe wall thickness


316L Stainless Steel Pipe is a grade of stainless steel pipes used in mostly marine environmental systems. The pipes are manufactured in smaller diameters. They are very strong and are very highly resistant to chloride ion corrosion stress cracking. Therefore they could be used with the highly chloride rich sea water environment and at higher pressures. Sea water desalination plants are ideal applications for this type of pipes. The pressure ratings come from different factors such as the material grade and the diameter of the pipe. The wall thickness however is the deciding factor in the pressure rating of the 316L stainless steel pipe. The wall thickness to diameter ratio is governed by schedules. The schedules account for pressure classes. So the wall thickness is directly related to the pressure containment capacity of any pipe. The schedules are marked with numbers.

The schedule 40 for example is a measure where if the pipe size is one inch, the wall thickness is 1.33inches. It changes with the diameter of the pipes. The seamless pipes usually have even and consistent wall thickness across the length of the pipe. The ss 316l seamless pipe therefore exhibits a consistent wall thickness and has steady pressure containment. Where the wall thickness is uneven, it could lead to frictions, momentum and finally crack in the piping. To avoid these, in high pressure applications, seamless pipes are used. The Stainless Steel Tubes can vary in pricing depending on their grades, schedules, pressure classes, diameter and wall thicknesses.

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