3 Things Every Equipment Operator Can Do to Improve the Reliability


There is no going back from the equipment that makes your products and operators that create the most valuable assets for your company. So, if you are building a product and selling it out, you are overhead. Ranging from the janitor to the CEO, you are just an extra cost that has to be encompassed in the cost of the product. We apply thousands of theories to understand, implement and improve our efforts but they fail to take hold when we eventually realize that the equipment is faulty and/or our employees don’t know how to operate the machine. Sometimes, this may not be the case. Here is what the Opérateur Salaberry-de-Valleyfield suggest to improve the reliability.

  1. Keep it clean

There is a huge heap of data that aids the fact that clean machines actually run better. The operators should be given an ample amount of time to clean their equipment and perform routine care in each shift. These tasks should be stated clearly with all the necessary descriptions that provide specifics associated with the kind of cleaning agent, type of cloth, and what the area should look like when the tasks are accomplished.

  1. Insist on training

The operators should understand the working of the equipment, standards to maintain so that the equipment is working properly and the troubleshooting tasks as well as the addressing of any issue if it occurs. If you are an equipment operator, insist on formal training by all means. This is done for your own safety and theirs as well.

  1. Stop the musical chairs

The theory states that all the operators should be trained to run every single piece of equipment to cycle via the manufacturing company in every few years. To any manager who believes that it is a stupid theory, here is the challenge for you. Don some work clothes, take at least a month out and try it by your own means. You can learn a lot on every machine and decide by your own means if they made you feel confident on what they are paying you. When your operators are changing the machines daily, it makes a lot of sense. Operators should also take data associated with the efficiency of running machines when the operators are changed. It is quite understandable to make a few people work on multiple machines but these people are termed as team or line leaders.

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