2 Web Design Trend Every Web Designer Must Consider in 2020


Dark mode

This theme is proving itself to be very powerful. It has mesmerized the online world with top apps also using this very feature and the latest releases of the major mobile operating systems as well. According to web design Singapore experts, this theme also comes bearing many benefits like having more elegant and sleek working environment, saving battery life, and energy consumption. It also uses fewer light pixels which reduces the overall brightness of a screen and puts less strain on your eyes, and it eases the reading as well. For creating an amazing website, you can integrate dark mode with minimalistic elements with clean graphics, and typography. You can also go for vibrant color schemes, neon typography or futuristic elements as well.


This is a very classic web design trend that would stay here for a long time. While the features and forms have been changed, the essentials are still pretty much intact. The best part about this theme is the elegance, usability, and simplicity. It also means several things for the graphic elements, narrow color palettes, to the website navigation. The best way to ace at this is by bidding goodbye to heavy paragraphs for an image or video that can be simply conveyed straightforwardly.

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